A Conversation on Racism

In light of recent events and unrest in our communities we plan to use our next couple weeks to have a “conversation” about our Disciples’ priority of Becoming a Pro-reconciling/Anti-racist church in light of the protests and violence we have witnessed.  Join our Sr. Minister Rev Robert Bushey and the Rev Vincent Clark, CEO of KCCSI and former pastor of Mt. Olive Baptist Church for a two part candid conversation about racism and reconciliation. Rev Bushey & Rev Clark are both natives of Kankakee and have known and worked together in our community for social justice for the last decade.

As a congregation we have claimed to be a welcoming community of Disciples of Christ. What does that mean when our black and brown neighbors cry out in our streets, in many cases joined by all other races, for justice?

We do hope you will tune in to these opportunities to grow in our understanding and our faith as we seek to build bridges of inclusivity in the name of Jesus.