Five Mission Priorities for Transformation

At the first board meeting of the year in February 2014, the Vision Leadership Team recommended the following vision priorities for transformation, which we believe are not only driven by God’s vision, but also transforming for our community as we seek to be a welcoming community of Disciples of Christ in the Kankakee River Valley.

 Prepare our Space to Be Welcoming

When we are expecting guests in our homes we often make great efforts to be ready to welcome them when they arrive. We give clear directions to our house, we clean and clear away clutter, we may even cut the grass or trim the shrubs or even throw out a welcome mat. What needs to be done at Central Christian Church to ready our spaces for welcoming guests? The VLT has suggestions and will welcome your participation in this process.

Focus on Hospitality

During the life of a congregation it is easy for members to become so comfortable with one another that we take for granted things guests would not know. The VLT has ideas for helping our congregation focus on being welcoming of all persons and will be glad for your help to ensure we are ready to offer excellent hospitality for all our guests.

Staff and Update Nursery

A priority for any congregation wishing to be welcoming of parents with young children  must have space and personnel ready to care for children during worship and other activities. As we work to welcome younger generations this priority will be essential and the VLT hopes you will have ideas and a passion for welcoming parents and their children.

Enhance Our Virtual Thresholds

While not all of us have crossed over into the digital age, most people from Baby Boomers to the newest generation of people interested in church have shifted their search to the Internet. We have some of the tools in place and we do well to keep up to date. The VLT, with your help, would like to explore the options we have for creating virtual thresholds to welcome the digital age folks in our community.

Develop Alternative Worship Opportunities

In this day and age with the diversity of music, art, drama, etc. available to nearly everyone, one shape and style of worship does not communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ for everyone. Our current worship works well for those who attend for the most part and there are no plans to change it. The VLT hopes to partner with you as we seek alternative ways to worship and reach folks who are not currently receiving the good news of Jesus through our 10:30 AM worship.

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