Our Story of Faithfulness 1893-2016

A Fall Stewardship Emphasis & Campaign

Narrative Budget

Our Fall Stewardship emphasis and campaign has three parts Our Past: Remembering our Heritage and Celebrating our Accomplishments, Our Present: Participating in Ministry and Sharing in Mission, and Our Future: Planning for New Generations and Dreaming God’s Dream for Central Christian Church.

Our Vision for Central Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) has grown out of more than 122 years of faithfulness and ministry in the Kankakee River Valley. Since our humble beginnings in tent revival, Worship, Faith Formation, and Missional Service have been vital to our identity as a congregation. As our congregation grew in ministry Fellowship, Leadership, Stewardship and Administration became essential components for our active membership. Together we have journeyed in faith, sojourning in four facilities and one school building. Many saints of the church have labored and witnessed on behalf of this congregation over the years and as we lean forward into the future with our vision as our guide, we stand on the shoulders of those who created the path that has brought us to today.  Their legacy of devotion and sacrificial giving authored this story of faithfulness which we inherit as the members and friends of Central Christian Church. The continuing story of our witness to the grace and love of God now depends on our commitment and sacrificial giving. And, we are grateful for your generous support of Central’s ministry and mission!

Gifts to Central Christian Church may be made via:

  • Sunday Morning Offering (Cash or Check at 10:30 a.m.)
  • Donating Online
  • By Mail or In Person (Mon-Thurs 9-Noon)
    310 Main St. NW (PO Box 403)
    Bourbonnais, IL 60914

Giving to Central Christian Church is Tax Deductible as a Charitable Contribution, and all Contributors receive a Statement of Giving during January for Income Tax Purposes.

The idea of Tithing the first 10% of one’s income as an offering to God has Biblical roots. Here is a handy calculator to see how your giving looks when you tithe:

Tithing Calculator