Central’s Prayer Chain Ministry

Different from our weekly worship Prayer List, the Prayer Chain consists of several persons (including the Minister) who have volunteered to be on the chain and are contacted when an individual contacts the office with a request to activate the chain. Your request is then shared through the chain and they hold your request in prayer. To begin a Prayer Chain Request call the office at 815-939-4433 or complete a Prayer Request Form.

Minister’s Prayer List
At any time an individual may contact the Minister, via phone, email, text message, etc. and request prayers. Please, be sure to indicate the privacy of your request (i.e. is the request for the minister only, or can it be included on the prayer chain or the prayer list?)

A Note About Privacy Laws
The church is not exempt from the Health Information Protection Act. When submitting a prayer request, we must be careful about sharing specific medical information. God already knows the specifics, anyway. Lifting a person’s name in prayer with permission is sufficient for God and for the congregation to share in our joy or concern.