Central is proud to partner with Fortitude Community Outreach.

Directed by Dr. Dawn Broers, a social worker in Kankakee County for over 2 decades, Fortitude began in January, 2017 as a street outreach designed to connect needy and homeless individuals with resources and assistance. Fortitude serves from a trauma-informed perspective. Trauma-informed providers understand that needy and homeless individuals have experienced a great deal of trauma in their lives. It is difficult to trust others and challenging to reach out for help and navigate the difficult systems necessary to obtain real help. Many individuals have given up on the idea that they can live a better life. We understand that change occurs through relationships, so our first priority is always caring for the physical, social, and spiritual needs of our visitors, through which relationships are built.

Central hosts Fortitude Outreach PADS guests on Tuesday nights Oct-April.

For information on how to be involved with Fortitude or learn more about it, please visit https://fortitudecommunityoutreach.org/

Once you’ve been trained by Fortitude, you can volunteer at the shelter. Anyone can volunteer to bring meals, but please be aware of the planned menus and rules concerning food.